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What Did You Do To Your Mercedes Benz GLC Today?

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Share what you did today with the Mercedes Benz GLC community!

Example: Went ot the dealership and picked up my GLC!

Example: Finally got my window tints done, now I can't open my windows for a week :(

Example: Detailed the the interior and applied leather protectant on the seats.

Anything goes!
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Not today but last week.

I went to the dealership and sold it after only 8 months of ownership from new. Managed to break even on the finance so pretty chuffed with that.

I took my GLC250 into a workshop and they professionally removed the centre muffler. I now have a delightful exhaust note that befits a beaut car:smile2:
Checked on its location as it has been in the bodyshop for repairs the last 3 weeks, loaner is an Audi Q7, feels like driving a boat.
I took my GLC250 into a workshop and they professionally removed the centre muffler. I now have a delightful exhaust note that befits a beaut car:smile2:

Hope you are enjoying your GLC250 ….but why??

Benefits??? other than better exhaust note (While I understand ...not sure I want a louder exhaust ..all the time!!)

Is this legal S.A. (Oz)


To Philamg ..hope you get your '43 back soon!
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Thanks Citizen, due back at end of week, they will have had the car for over 5 weeks but I'm sure that they will only have been carrying out the repair for 2. Checking on Mercedes me the boot wasn't opened until just ove a week ago and they would have to have it open to carry out repair.
As posted on the Australia Whirlpool forum:

My Dec'16 build GLC 250 petrol:
Aus option packs - COMAND, Vision, SC, AMG Line (Full safety options, steel springs though AMG brings stiffer coils, Vision-HUD, Moving glass in the roof, Intelligent LED headlights, SC-full electric adjust and heated front seats, AMG line mainly cosmetic features)
Polar White, 20" Bridgestone Duellers
32,000km. 2 years. Enjoyed every Km. It's a bit of a weekend warrior, so not an every day driver. Probably a bit more highway travel than the average sub-urban dweller. Also not in the big city so the urban travel is probably a bit more 'free flowing' as well. Year to date fuel consumption is 8.5ltrs per 100km, say 33mpg in the old money. Have seen 6.7 l/100km while driving Miss Daisy on a highway cruise. Generally around 10 l/100 around town … yeah I don't push it!
Tyre scrub very minimal at beginning, reduced as tyre tread reduced. No break squeal. No rattles except the rear seat ..which I fixed via some electrical tape around the seat latch pin. Very rarely I get high frequency vibration from the dash somewhere ...but then it disappears.
Noticed some outside edge tyre wear early on ….not bad, but have rotated the tyres every 10,000.
As supplied the tyre pressure was 41ps ,,not the placarded 32. Found that 32 is too low, both inside and outside tyre wear pattern. Have been running 37 …..but now think this might be a tad high ..will move to 35psi
Expecting 40-45K from the tyres ...maybe.
Now being very picky:
Not so good ………no like the run flat tyres ..I think, all evils can be placed on them.
My suspicions, are that they make tyre wear more prominent due to the stiffer side walls, drives the suspension in to the bump stops sooner rather than later, make the ride a bit harsher.
Sometimes get Blind Side indicator warning beeps around round-a-bouts.
That's it for the grumbles.
Very happy with the GLC, all who travel in it have good things to say.
Love the Cruise control with steering assist ..less stress on the highway!!!
It's really a culmination of all the things the vehicle does right go just 'huh!
Sound, or lack of on a good road surface.
COMAND sound ..very happy with it.
Intelligent LED headlights ..amazing. Gearbox changes gears most of the time imperceptibly. Uncannily knows when to hold a gear on declines. You only notice the rare bad change ..because you notice it!!
Voice control in the COMAND/NAV sometimes crazy right or crazy wrong ...but mostly right. Does take some effort in learning the correct syntax for the spoken commands though!
Auto dimming mirrors. Surround camera!! …. My garage is pretty tight fit ..this makes it a breeze.
Interior lighting at night.
Once, a car turned right, aggressively in front of me, into a side street. He was quick so really was never going to be contact, although it was close. The GLC went in to full emergency brake, pulled the seat belt hard against my chest ..gave me a bigger scare than the car crossing my path!!
…but when you think about it
....the GLC was preparing to save my life!
LOL.. Sorry if I got carried away.
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Took it on a 1000mile family road trip. Got 25mpg doing 80-90mph with the ac on. Super comfortable and has plenty of space for luggage and stuff. I have the coupe version. Love the extra space underneath the floor cover. Was able to hide stuff under there easily since I don’t have the roll cover on mine. Bought it used so guessing previous owner kept it��. Led head lights nice and bright out on the desert roads. GPS needs serious tech upgrade. The Audi version is way ahead in graphics and info.
Many UK models now come with Apple CarPlay, which is a lot better than the built in Nav. Seem to remember reading it’s possible to retro-fit.
It just sounds better.
Yes it is legal as it is beyond the cat converter etc.
Mercedes ME installed today.
Very quick action by service dept and follow up by service advisor who knew how to activate.
Works well, just have to get used to it, all data at this stage on App on phone. Will see if i can link to Command syst.
Find parks, find car, remaining fuel lt in tank, time and distance travelled, etc ,etc.
Well done Mercedes.
Browsing Apple App Store.
Lots of info re Mercedes, including Mercedes Me and some Dealers. Good site from Parramatta too.
Found VIN decoder for Mercedes, free.
Go to MB VIN Decoder - works quite well. About 8 pages of info on GLC, all in big print, so normally be about 2-3 pages, but still useful.
Had Mercedes Me installed in Wagon and Coupe.
Still getting used to it. Because our cars are not Apple or Android play like some of the latest models from MB then I think out ME experience will be dumbed down.
That said we had our GLC Coupe done and whilst it is 12 months younger’, MY17 build, my wife noticed new screen items and alerts on Command syst. So far not seen on my system - but not tested all areas.
Home page of App tells you,
current time Veh has bee parked,
number of litres of fuel left and km range to go,
current km reading to date,
closest MB dealer,
number of days to next Svc,
Battery voltage.
Additional pages, with sub sets to each page are :
My Vehicle,
Find parking space,
Park and find,
Refuelling stats,
My Trips,
Accident & breakdown assist,
My Retailer,
Retailer search,
Arrange service appoint, and
Reminders. Such as check tyre pressure, check engine oil, etc.
This is all in the Me. Adapter App.

The straight ME App is more of a product sell with News area, explanation of warnings if one appears on your car screen,, how to videos.

Cannot see any ‘tight, remote’ parking app or remote engine start to warm up car or engine.

More of a graphical app for your phone. Seems install easier with Apple , bit more complicated for Android.

Wifes car when she called me changed the visual display in car with some shrinkage and different font, telling who she was calling and the fact she had an unopened message.

Looks like more time playing in the cabin.

Both cars also received update to powertrain control unit software - no idea what or why necessary.
All free, no cost incurred for time or dongle.

Good luck.
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Saturday, we traded in our '16 CR-V for a '19 GLC300. Almost broke even with it, but not quite. Unfortunately, they only had one key/remote to it, NO GPS card, and we didn't find the Owners Manual until this morning, but we had downloaded one anyways. We've spent our spare time yesterday looking on Amazon for a new card for GPS and a second key/remote. Any suggestions?
Have removed everything out of it ready for trading for GLE today.
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New Year's Week, we had new tires put on, oil change (etc), and they couldn't do the alignment, after promising us that they could, when we bought it from a competitor's used lot.

SO, today, we drove down to Valencia, seemed like every other vehicle down there was a MB, got the alignment done, and made some new friends at Mercedes Benz of Valencia. While they were working on it, they dropped us off at the mall, and then picked us up shortly after it was done (and so were we with our shopping).
Yesterday, I washed, vacuum'd, and "detailed" all three vehicles. Today, I'm (physically) paying for it. I did my truck first, then the Cruze (daughter helped, since she drives it the most), and then my wife's MB (son helped, while we discussed a homework report that he is working on).



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Hey guys, I just put the wheel spacers on my GLC a few months ago. What's the reason for you to choose wheel spacers?

For decoration reasons, I put the wheel spacers to push the wheel out to flush with the fender, achieving him an aggressive look. Others might choose for function reasons, wheel spacers create proper clearance for passing the larger brake caliper, also they help mount bigger sizes of wheels.

And for some GLC's owner, would like to use new aftermarket wheels, which might have the wrong offset. Installing proper sizes of wheel spacers can correct the ET, improving handling performance.

Here're some pics of my installation.
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle

hub-centric wheel spacers make a snug connection between wheel and axle hub, ensuring the hub carries the weight of the car instead of the studs or bolts, meaning no vibration.


I used 12mm for the front, and 30mm for the rear. The spacers for the front wheel have hollow-out design, which can maximize reduce the weight of spacers.

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