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What tire/tyre pressures are people running ?

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I have been reading a number of posts regarding peoples experiences with tyres recently covering ride, noise levels, crabbing, wear and replacement options.

I have the 20 inch AMG wheels and Pirelli Scorpion run flat tyres which I feel ride hard and are particularly noisy on certain road surfaces.
I will say that after 17000kms that they are wearing very well so far considering what many people have been reporting what theirs needed to be replace at.
We don't drive it to any degree of sportiness or have the need for a snow suitable tread either and generally my wife drives this car and more around suburbia that long highway miles.

I have recently had a 2 year service where it would / should have had the tyre pressures check and reset but yesterday I thought I would see for myself what they were set at.
Rears were 44 and the fronts were 35 and reading the recommended pressures I was shocked at how high they are. This would be IMHO the reason for road noise and a harsh ride.

Just as a trial I have dropped them down to 30 front and back and of course its way more comfortable in the short around the town drive but was wondering what others have been running and if anyone else has run with considerably less pressures in the quest for comfort.

In my 40 years in the motor industry I have never before seen tyre pressures much different to 35.
I will make enquires with Pirelli and see what they consider to be a safe low pressure setting as well.
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Couple of points. I two GLC 43’s with 20 and 21 inch wheels. Both are daily drivers. With the AMG wheels you eliminate a number of more comfortably riding tires. The 21” AMG wheels on my 43 have a very narrow range of tire options (having just replaced both front (19K miles) and rear(28K miles). I don’t drive aggressively (often) and have accepted that to have the better looking wheels I sacrifice the ride comfort, wear, and options (all-season vs summer only). My wife’s 43 has the 20” wheels with Goodyear Eagle All-season runflats, much better wear and ride. She doesn’t ever drive it aggressively and seeing the befits. The fronts are nearing replacement at 30K miles.

I replaced my 21” runflats with non-runflats, better ride and performance, just carry a can of fix-a-flat and know that I don’t have a spare (2019 GLC 43s in the states didn’t have a spare option).

Something to consider. I live in a warm climate so I don’t worry about all-season though I prefer them given I don’t track or need the summer performance.
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I have a 2021 GLC300 with the AMG package which includes 21 inch runflats. Its my wife's car and she does not drive aggressively. The car how has 20k on it and the tires look like they are new like the I purchased the car. I am not a fan of runflats but since the car does not have a spare or any of the tools needed to change the tire I'm stuck with runflats for now, some day I will make the investment to get a spare if I keep the car. I'm not very impressed with Mercedes service so I may be getting something different.
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