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What's in your trunk?

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Could someone with a 2015 GLC (253 - Eur version) post a picture of their trunk, under the top cover, where the spare wheel should be? I think I'm missing some things in there, but can't figure out what could it be... I bought it from a dealer, they claim everything is there, but I doubt it. Can't find anything in the manual either. Thanks in advance!
I've attached a picture of mine.


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Nothing there on mine and I bought it new.
you mean no lever to lift the car?
My X253 is from June 2016 but I don't think there had been any revisions from your earlier model by this time. Under my boot floor there are:

2 x Hi-Viz jackets in separate pouches bearing the Mercedes logo
1 x plastic collapsible crate in grey/black
1 x warning triangle
1 x First-Aid kit in black fabric bag
1 x cargo net & frame to fill the gap between the roof and rear seats
1 x plastic box which contained the locking wheel bolts (now holding the 4 convention bolts which I assume the Dealer removed)

And, of course, also in that under-floor storage area but in the left wheel arch recess behind a clip-on panel is the bottle of tyre jollop and the air compressor. No jack or wheelbrace is supplied but they can be purchased as a genuine Mercedes accessory at an extortionate price.
Mines the same as Toobads
This is the spot for the jack but since you probably have run flat tires, they don’t provide a jack. Mine is 2018 and it looks the same.
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