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which engine oil to pick ?

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car factory warranty just expired, what engine oil recomended for *2019 GLC -300 4matic
i used till now OEM engine oil from dealer , but now thinking to use Mobil 1 0w-20 or Royal purple
Mobil 1 seems OEM specs. but bit confusing * Mobil 1 *0w-20 european formula or 0w-20 EPS (Emission protection syst.) as in canada temprature is (-25 to +30 ) is 0W-20 is correct ? because GLC-300 is notorious fro DTC -P052E pcv valve 9crank case ventilation / oil seprator failer ) is EPS can be better choice ? or European formula is ok for 2019 model ? can someone share info. which among brand and grade ? thanks in advance.
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I would go by MB spec which is in your owners manual. Something 229.5, this is my spec for GLC 2018 4MATIC
Bevo has a list of approved mfgs as alternatives.
I used Pennzoil, Liquid Molly or Valvoline but always 5w40
I see you concern about PCV but what about LSPI? There is a huge concern with GLC cracked pistons some experts linking it to LSPI. Not with GLC, but in general with small turbo engines.
I started to use oil with API SP ratings and MB spec. API SP oil designed to lover LSPI.
I would trade cracked piston for PCV replacement.

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