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Will 10x21 Offset 46 fit GLC Coupe

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Hi I found these nice rims with the dimensions 10x21 offset 46.
It seems the offset is higher. Normally t would be 10x21 offset 28-30
Will these work both front and rear ?
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Higher offset should mean the wheel is closer to the car in the wheel wells. Could I then use a spacer to even this out ?
I also had this idea to install such rims on my GLC Coupe. But, I consulted some experts. They told me to leave the stock dimensions because the stock wheel is the best for comfortable driving. On the other hand, yesterday I've read an interesting article about rim offset. Now I am thinking of installing offset rims. I saw a lot of photos, and it's looking so hot. Cars are so aggressive with such rims. If you installed offset rims pls contact me, I want to ask you about some driving experience. I am a big fan of speeding, and I want to know if it's safe.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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