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Wiper replacement

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Trying to work out how to remove front wiper blade from arm had me stumped as hadnt come across this method before, fairly simple after I looked at the downloadable guide. What perplexed me though was that the guide says that the wiper blades should be replaced when the coloured sticker on the end of the wiper blade turns yellow. What happened to replacing wiper blades when it's obvious due to lines on screen etc?馃
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Good to know,
Both my blades are yellow and car is going in for service, I won鈥檛 be replacing as they鈥檙e barely used.
The windshield wiper is degradable and when it turns to yellow means your blade needs to replace because it is less effective over time. It should be replaced about every six months to ensure optimal performance.
I prefer to let my eyes decide when my wipers need replacing much like drivers have done since the Model T came off the production line. I would cynically suggest colour-changing stickers are more about a way to drive up revenue and less about performance and safety. And anyway, living life on the edge by taking this kind of risk reminds me I'm alive. Call me an adrenalin junkie if you wish but my original wipers are now over 4 years old. ;)
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I agree,
Using sun bleaching to ascertain condition is pretty lame

Pretty well aligns with the modern world of vehicle technicians and figuring they couldn鈥檛 create a diagnostic app to check condition, so they placed a dot of paper
Oh my god, how come I never knew this, I feel pretty embarrassed, I thought it was just because of all the gunk that fell on them over time. Mine were acting kind of funny for a while and one day I kind of got tired of them and threw them in the closest bin. Not sure it was the best course of action cause on my way to the store it started raining. That was not fun at all, and once I was there I had no idea what size I should get. This site came to aid Informative Cars - to figure out the sizing and then some guy working there helped me choose the best option. Pretty embarassing story, don't know why I told you this, haha.
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