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I had a scare today when I noticed that my command screen on my 2019 GCL 300 went black. When I put the car in reverse, it worked fine, but when I started driving, the navigation screen, the radio screen and the media screen was black. After I got home a few minutes later, I turned my SUV off and on again couple of times, and each time it was black. The only time the screen came on was when I pressed the 360 degree FOV or put the car in reverse. That told me that the screen worked, just something else wasn't working. I went online to see if anyone else has a similar problem. On MBworld, I found a thread on it. Someone mentioned that the volume button also acts as a power button. I went back out to the SUV, powered it on and tried that. Again it did not work. For a moment there I thought I might have to take my new Benz in to have it service. I then took a closer look at the layout of the console near the armrest, and saw there was a power button. I pressed it, and it worked. Command screen came back to life. Up until now, I did not notice there was a power button there. That same power button turn the command screen off and effectively turn off the entire command console, navigation, radio and media off. This also reminded me of a thread that someone posted awhile back asking if there was a way to turn off the radio. I believed more than one person replied was to hit the mute button and that worked similar to turning off the radio. At the time, I thought that was a silly design by Mercedes. Now that I know there IS a power button, whether it be an actual power button or a power button built into the volume knob, I'm the one now who feels silly. As to how I managed to turn off my command screen without knowing it, it was because I put a small bag of items I bought from Lowes and one of the items was just enough to hit the power button and turned it off.

Clear sky
Gosh I am so glad you made this post!! I would have probably gotten hit over the head for a needless repair. 馃挄 My puppy pushed the power button cans I went in panic mode when I saw the blank screen.
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